Instant Pot Activity

Date Item Notes URL
12/27/2016 Beef Stroganoff Easy and good! Will definitely do again.
Be sure to use enough pepper!
12/27/2016: Pumpkin (for puree) Easy no fuss. Good for one pumpkin, but if doing
several will use the "roast in the stove" method
so I can do a bunch at a time
12/28/2016 Stuffed Cabbage Soup General soup recipe
12/31/2016 Country Style Pork Ribs General rib recipe
01/08/2017 Mexican Beef Tacos\Burritos Great flavor and very tender!
The sauce is a little thin as is, but can be
thickened with a quick sautê with soft butter/flour roux.
Meat could be used in so many things -- tacos, burritos,
enchiladas, or just eat with a spoon!
01/14/2017 Hardboiled (Steamed) Eggs
01/14/2017 Vegetable Broth
01/15/2017 Popcorn
01/19/2017 Popcorn (that oil must GO!)
01/27/2017 American Beef Stew Good flavor and the meat is very tender.
Nice recipe to use as a starting point and
then customize the veggies
01/29/2017 Potato Salad Notes: Easy and quick
Nice texture on the potatoes
Will definitely use the IP for potato salad again!
(only the potatoes - had already IP-ed the eggs)
02/05/2017 Split Pea Soup Notes: Good soup! Used ham hock (pre-pressure cooked for 6 min, natural release)
instead of ham. More carrots in place of sweet potato.
Used IP Veggie stock in place of water. (Super Bowl Sunday)
02/09/2017 Veggie Broth (heavy on the asparagus stems)
02/17/2017 15 Bean Soup 40 Mins HP, NR. Made this Instant Pot recipe of 15 bean soup.
Easy and tasty! Used ham hock instead of ham. Will definitely make this again
02/19/2017 Steamed Artichokes Easy and way faster than stovetop. (10min HP, 10min NR)
Recipe called for two large, we had three medium,
next time if medium reduce cook/release time by 1-2min each as these
came out slightly soft but still good.
02/19/2017 Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage Really easy, tasty, and quick!
Be quick on the release so the cabbage doesn't get too soft. (3min HP, QR)
02/26/2017 Pickled Eggs IP hard boiled eggs for Joe Josts recipe for pickled eggs
(seasoning mix from Joe Josts via Denny). 14min HP, NR.
All eggs peeled beautifully and were perfectly done.
02/26/2017 Yogurt Used Fage as the starter
1/2 gallon milk. Turned out great and was easier than I thought it would be.
Will definitely do again!
03/04/2017 Salisbury Steak and mashed potatoes Made both the steaks and the potatoes (potatoes on rack)
in the IP while watching Iditarod Ceremonial Start.
Thickened the gravy with brown gravy mix rather than cornstarch. Easy and tasty.
03/05/2017 Corn on the Cob Very easy and the corn came out great.
Cut the corn off the cob, and will used the cobs and IP liquid
(along with other veggies) to make vegetable broth. 2min HP, QR.
03/05/2017 Vegetable Broth 15min HP, NR. corn cobs, asparagus stems, parsley,
carrots, celery, ginger, turmeric. The ginger adds a nice little zing
03/10/2017 Garbanzo Beans (from dry) 1 lb, 10hr pre-soak, 15min HP, NR. Came out tender and nice, yield 5 cups.
Used 3.5 cups for hummus (ESSS, Lompoc) and froze the other 1.5 cups.
03/10/2017 Boiled eggs (4) For snacking
03/27/2017 Clam Chowder Recommended by Craig and JoAnn.
This was fantastic! Followed the recipe, but added celery for the
pressure cook and then corn during the finishing. Great flavor,
easy to do. Will definitely make this again
04/09/2017 Pinquito Beans Found some old (package date 2015) pinquito beans in the
back of the pantry. Considering they were old, they came
out OK but not great... never got completely creamy. Guessing
at cooking times as I didn't write it down at the time.
Also, don't know how long I soaked them
30minHP, QR, taste (not done), 10minHP, NR.
05/07/2017 Easy Instant Pot Chili This one was pretty good, but could use more texture (peppers? Celery? Something)
Green onions as a garnish were a must!
Easy though, and a good starting point for some experimentation
To go with the chili, these Jalapeno Cornbread Poppers were
really good! Will make again for sure!
05/15/2017 Instant Pot Chicken Vegetable Soup Clean out the fridge recipe... turned out quite tasty.
Chicken breast, carrots, onion, corn, zuke, canned tomatoes,
cabbage, tomato paste. Soup button, adjust to 10min HP, QR.
06/04/2017 Beef Stroganoff Most basic version: just chuck roast, seasoned flour dredge,
water. 40 min HP, NR. Served with bowtie pasta.
Very tender and tasty
06/20/2017 Hardboiled (Steamed) Eggs 8 eggs, 14min LP, QR, cold water bath.
06/20/2017 Split Pea Soup Basic version: No sweet potato or ham base.
Used Anderson's Split Peas from Buellton and
boneless ham from Mahogany meats.
10 min HP, NR. Yum!
07/22/2017 Pork Chops - Boneless Season and sear, trivet in IP, top w/bbq sauce, Tasty and tender - easy and quick -
no messing up the stovetop.
Could probably go 2-3 minutes less for even more juicy.
Pork chops from Lompoc - Central Coast Specialties.
07/22/2017 Sweet Potatoes 2 Sweet Potatoes. wash, poke with fork.
1-1/2 C water (from pork chop cooking). 24 min HP, NR.
08/18/2017 Pot Roast 3.25lb chuck roast (barely fit flat in IP)
Marinate 24+ hrs with salt, pepper, garlic powder,
worcestershire. Sear, then 45min HP, NR. Add 1 lb carrots,
5 potatoes, and 6 stalks of celery all chunked up. HP 10min, QR.
Remove meat/veggies. Thicken broth with butter/flour.
Very tender, and the veggies weren't mush. A keeper.
09/13/2017 Veggie Broth Very basic scraps and fridge clear - carrot, celery,
onion, bell pepper, pepper. 20min HP (soup setting),
NR plus I left it on warm for about half an hour.
09/18/2017 Split Pea Soup Used ham rinds from Mahogany meats - mostly rinds and just
a little bit of ham meat - still tasty.
Veggie broth 4C (from 9/13/2017) plus 2C water.
1-1/2C split peas, 3 carrots, 3 celery, salt, pepper, thyme.
Nice and peppery! Could have used less water as the consistency
was a little thin, but still hearty.
15min HP, QR (because I was hungry)
09/23/2017 Turkey Noodle Soup Soup setting on IP. NR for 15min, then QR.
Used last of Thanksgiving turkey broth (pre-IP) from freezer.
Lots of veggies - onion, carrot, celery, green beans, and
turkey and broth - seasoned with sage, thyme, parsley, and S&P.
Cooked some farfalle (bowtie, butterfly) pasta separately and
added it at the end. The perfect thing to fight off a cold
that's threatening to settle in.
09/25/2017 Veggie Broth Corn cobs, asparagus stems, trimmings from onion,
bell pepper, carrots, celery. Added some peppercorns.
Soup setting, 25min HP, NR
10/1/2017 Taco Soup Made an Instant Pot "use it up" soup - leftover taco meat,
celery, onion, carrot, bell pepper. 1 can each Rotel (tomatoes/peppers),
creamed corn, black beans (rinsed). A few chopped up corn tortillas.
IP Veggie broth (from 9/25/2017), and some additional taco seasoning blend.
Added one can whole kernel corn at end. Good flavor and super easy.
Soup setting, 25min HP, NR (left on warm for 1-1/2 hours while
enjoying football)
10/21/2017 IP Rice Pilaf Decided to try out the IP for the usual family recipe
for pilaf. Used the "Rice" setting (12 min, LP, NR)
Came out really good - next time open pot after 10 min or so
to have the rice just a little bit firmer.
Enjoyed this with potato sausage.
1 & 1/2 C rice (long grain white)
3/4 C broken spaghetti noodles
4 & 1/4 C water
1 T veggies boullion
1 stick butter
12/03/2017 Veggie Broth Corn cobs, asparagus stems, trimmings from onion,
carrots, celery. Added some peppercorns and bay leaf.
Manual setting, 30min HP, NR
(and allowed to sit for 1-1/2 hr before opening)
12/03/2017 Split Pea Soup Used a bit of leftover ham we had in the fridge.
Veggie broth 6C (from earlier today).
1-1/2C split peas, 3 carrots, 3 celery, salt, pepper, thyme.
Also added 1/2 C split red lentils because we had so much
Veggie broth. Good flavor, nice consistency.
Leftovers were even better! 25min HP, NR
12/07/2017 Hardboiled (Steamed) Eggs 18 eggs, 14min LP, QR, cold water bath.
Taking deviled eggs for a knitting guild potluck.
12/12/2017 Hardboiled (Steamed) Eggs 24 eggs, 14min LP, QR, cold water bath.
Taking deviled eggs for a work potluck.
12/12/2017 Beef Stroganoff Used chuck roast and onion - served over bowtie noodles
Be sure to use enough pepper! 40 min HP, NR
12/29/2017 Beef Stroganoff Used chuck roast and onion - had sauteed mushrooms on the side
Added fresh ground pepper when done! Egg noodles this time
01/05/2018 15 Bean Soup Instant Pot recipe of 15 bean soup with ham.
Easy and tasty! Used onions, leftover ham, as well as the seasoning
packet that came with the package of beans. Next time not so
much ham! 40 HP, NR (let set for about 45 min after pressure, then
then unplugged. The pressure released about 5 minutes later)
The beans were so tender and creamy!
01/06/2018 Applesauce Using up some apples from the fridge
Leaving the peels on the apples, no sugar,just cinammon for flavor
5min, HP, NR 10-15min, then open
01/07/2018 Instant Pot Spaghetti One pot - Instant Pot - spaghetti - sounds too good to be true!
But it works great! So easy, and far fewer dishes to do
We'll definitely do this one again. Used jarred sauce this time
per the recipe, but will also try with my usual recipe for sauce.
1 lb ground beef, 1/2 onion, seasonings, one 24 oz jar sauce, one jar water,
one 14.5 can diced tomatoes, 1 lb spaghetti broken into thirds.
8min, HP, QR and open. Stir to make sure all the noodles are separate
01/13/2018 Three Cup Chicken (San Bei Ji) 三杯鷄 Very tasty! Used 6 whole chicken thighs. Ate those
and promptly defrosted another 6 to make more.
8 min HP, 10 min NR.
we finished up the cooked thighs by browning under
the Broiler - Plenty of sauce - yum
Recipe recommended by Kim T from Laura's work
(the one who first told us about the IP)
01/13/2018 Chicken/Veggie Broth Used assorted veggie scraps from fridge, along
with the bones from Three Cup Chicken. 30 min HP, NR.
Let sit ~1 1/2 hours before opening lid.
01/21/2018 Split Pea Soup Used ham bone from Mahogany Meats
(oh, no, only one left in freezer!) for this batch.
1 lb split peas and 1/2 C split red lentils, carrots,
onion powder, parsley stems, chicken/veggie broth (6 C) from 1/13/2018.
HP 20 min, NR 25 min.
The ham from the bone was very tender and tasty (and plentiful!)
Great soup - came out very thick - added 1 C water
before serving and still nice and thick. YUM!
02/18/2018 Veggie Broth Craving soup after being sick for a few days, so
chopping up veggies and using the trimmings for
broth so they don't go to waste. Corn cobs, parsley,
carrot peels, onion, celery, bell pepper. 30 min HP,
NR + 1 hr sit time. Used for soup later today.
02/18/2018 Veggie Soup Used veggie broth from earlier today as well as the
last of the Thanksgiving turkey broth from the freezer.
Carrots, celery, onion, red bell pepper, canned green beans
(fresh were past their prime), a handful of elbow macaroni,
and 1 can diced tomatoes. 20min HP, NR (soup button).
Added fresh corn and frozen peas after opening IP.
Simple and tasty, just what the doctor ordered.